Maximise your living space and seamlessly join indoor and outdoor activities by using a “harbour ™ view” multi-fold door or window system.

The “Harbour ™ View” system incorporates quality “BRIO – WEATHERFOLD 4s” hardware components and features a polypropylene track insert which reduces noise and extends the life of the rollers, ensuring years of trouble free, smooth operation.

Harbour ™ view

Multi-folding Door System

Design features

  • Max. panel size: 3000 mm(H) x 1000 mm(W)
  • Max. weight per door panel: 100 kg
  • Max. glass thickness: 24mm


  • “Harbour ™ view” multi-fold’s provide choice, left or right opening directions, inward or outward swinging panels, dozens of configuration options available including a single access door when using a non-even configuration.
  • A screening option is available by incorporating the BRIO 612 Retractable Insect screen.
  • Bottom Sills can also be made less obtrusive by recessing into floors.

Door configurations (Inward or Outward swinging panels)